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  • The beginning of history can from the Biblical accounts be derived to about 4000 BC. See also Biblical dating.
  • created - The Genesis account records creation ex nihilo, that is, ”out of nothing”. In the beginning there was nothing but 'Elohím', God, which alone is eternal. God created the entire universe (literally ”the heavens and the earth”) through a wonder. The verb {'bará'} ”create” can only be used with God as the subject. [1]
  • In the beginning God created - That God created means the very opposite to the notion that everything came about by itself. Read more in a separate article.
  • Why is belief in creation important? - a short introduction about why the genesis account is so important for the reliability of the Biblical text (see the Swedish association Genesis, or Australian CMI).
  • beginning - Does everything need a beginning? The Bible says states distinctly that the material creation had a beginning, while pagan thinking always had difficulties in accepting a "beginning" (and an end), and therefore tends to always presuppose an earlier step. Read more about pagan circular thinking in a separate article (ex: Genesis 1:1, Pred 3:11, 10:13, 1 Petr 4:17, Rev 21:6, 22:13).
  1. Seth Erlandsson, Genesis 3-02
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